Mathematics Education

All students benefit from a rich, problem-based mathematics programme where they can undertake maths inquiries in order to explore concepts. Here are some of the resources that I have created myself to learn and review concepts and to engage students.

Planning and examples of maths resources

Addition lesson all

Addition lessons and student activity slides

Subtraction lesson template

Subtraction lessons and student activity slides

Multiplication lesson template

Multiplication lessons and student activity slides

Division - reversing multiplication

Division lessons and student activity slides

Y6 Maths - Chapter 1 - Numbers to 10 million

Example of planning for place value and rounding (Maths No Problem)

Angles QR code hunt.pdf

Angles QR code competition - clues were placed around the school and teams raced each other.

Room 9 T1 jeopardy

A Jeopardy game played at the end of a school term (revision)

Cube word problem strategy.pdf

Poster I created for the CUBES strategy for problem solving

Sample lesson on algebra and supporting resources

This is a lesson from the Maths No Problem programme. While the slides use some of the content from this programme, I have supplemented this with additional resources (Braining Camp and the online function machine)

Video of Zoom lessons over two days focusing on patterns in algebra and function machines.

Ch9 L2 - Algebra - Describing a pattern

The slideshow with links to outside websites that I used on the first day.

Ch9 L5- Algebra - Writing algabraic expressions

The slideshow I used on the second day.