My Leadership Experience

I have worked across many areas of education and have taken on a variety of leadership roles in that time. I have been the teacher in charge of ICT in three schools, a national ICT facilitator for New Zealand, a team leader in two schools, and most recently the maths coordinator for the primary school. Ultimately, as a classroom teacher, I consider myself a leader and facilitator in my own classroom. Below are some resources I developed in my leadership roles.

Leadership of primary school mathematics

As the maths coordinator for Years 1 to 6 at Nun Academy, I created the baseline tests covering all key skills included in our Maths No Problem curriculum and converted them to a Google Forms format for Year 4 to Year 6 students for online delivery. I led teacher professional development in our programme approach. I catalogued all the maths equipment in the school, organised the school order, and created classroom checklists for teachers of what should be in each classroom. I also organised a whole school review of our progress in the first year of the programme in a full-day workshop with staff.

Baseline assessment examples

Year 1 Baseline Assessment

Year 1 baseline test - teacher recording sheet

Year 1 Maths assessment - child version

Year 1 baseline test - student pages

Year 6 Baseline Assessment

Year 6 printable test sheet

Year 6 Maths Baseline - Paper One (virtual)

Google Form version of the Y6 baseline test (1 of 3)

Training documents and classroom resources checklist

Maths No Problem - Introduction and training

Maths No Problem - training for new staff

Braining Camp and math playground

Training for staff on Braining Camp and Math Playground

Maths review and training - 2021

Agenda for end-of-year full day maths review and training (June 2021)

Maths resources index

Checklist for classroom maths equipment for Year 1 to Year 6

Leadership of ICT in education

I spent six years supporting teachers with implementing ICT from 2006 to 2012: first for a group of nine schools and then as a national ICT facilitator for New Zealand. I created a number of resources relating to ICT and best practices in teaching and learning to support teachers and school leaders. I also have led the implementation of ICT in two schools since returning to the classroom and have managed the Google Domain for one school.

Workshop presentations to teachers and leaders as an ICT facilitator

PP action research

Action research - I supported teachers to develop and complete their inquiries

PP Effective Questioning

Presentation to cluster wide meeting for teachers

PP Strategic Planning

Presentation to ICT lead teachers and principals on strategic planning in ICT.

Effective presentations

I attended a presentation course then created this to share with teachers.

Resources made to support teaching and learning (as a facilitator and as ICT lead teacher)

PP Good Photos

Rules for good photography - guide made for teachers

Photography Summary.pdf

Photography summary posters for display

Comic Life in the Classroom.pdf

A guide I created as an ICT facilitator for using Comic Life

BYOD letter to parents in class placements.pdf

BYOD letter to Mt Pleasant parents to launch initiative

Leadership within my year level team

I have led teams in New Zealand and in Saudi Arabia. I always have the agendas for meetings prepared in advance. I support team members to deliver the curriculum effectively and monitor the planning and assessment of team members. In team leader meetings, I take the concerns of my team to upper management and convey important information back to my team.

SAP - Woodend Camp 2017

I completed all paperwork related to two school camps as team leader in NZ. Here is one of the safety action plans.

Year 6 Curriculum Guide

In Saudi Arabia, I summarised the Year 6 programmes into key goals for the parents to access.

Year 6 LTP 2021-2022 FINAL

I developed this long-term plan with my team. We revisited this continually to track progress and ensure coverage.

Leadership within my classroom

As a teacher, it is my job to facilitate a culture of learning in the classroom. Students need to be empowered as learners but within established guidelines and expectations that we develop together as a class.

Mindset questions

Prompts to get students thinking about their mindset

Understanding Google Meet for Students 2021

Explanation of Google Meet and guidelines created with students on its use.

Class charter

Class charter developed wth students for the year.